November 07, 2020 3 min read

Angela Robertson-Buchanan is a photographer, conservationist, environmentalist and wildlife carer who specialises in flora, fauna and macrophotography, in particular our gloriously coloured native birds.

Originally from the UK, Angela moved to Australia in 2002 and quickly fell in love with our unique wildlife. “When I moved to Sydney, I instantly fell in love with the nature here; the colour and vibrancy of the native trees and flowers really struck me. I was in awe of the parrots, and still am!”

Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Drawing on her diverse photography background; a degree in art, design and media from Portsmouth University, a significant stint as cruise ship photographer, and a career at a highly respected London photographic studio, Angela’s ability to capture native birds in quiet contemplation, bringing out their unique characteristics and personality is truly remarkable.

“I love watching people’s reaction when they look at my photography.  Some of my bird portraits are meant to be comical, so when people laugh, I know I’ve done something right.  I love being told that I’ve captured the bird’s personality.”

Angela is a trained wildlife rescuer and carer, specialising in bird rehabilitation with WIRES Inner West. Her dedication and passion for native Australian birds is evident in her work. “It’s great that I am now able to combine my interests in wildlife and photography by creating images, projects and exhibitions where I can convey a conservation message. I also support wildlife organisations by donating prints or a percentage of my sales.

What technique or skill are you most proud of?

That I’ve developing my photographic techniques to align with my respect for nature. I do not have a studio and do not use flash. Instead I rely on natural light, and have spent many hours in the field or aviaries to get the shot that I like. I use a macro lens, which requires me to get quite close to the bird. I also use a very shallow depth of field, so the focus has to be spot on. This technique requires a lot of patience, as birds don’t stay still, but the results are worth it.

What challenges you?

My bird portraits are always challenging as my subjects never stay still!

How has your art / creative practice changed over time?

It was my move to Australia in 2002 that got me hooked on the unique wildlife here and the fact that it seems some Australian’s take it for granted.  Recently It’s been more focussed on environmental projects and educating people on appreciating local wildlife and what we need to do to preserve it, especially in our urban areas.

What does ‘Australiana’ mean to you?

Beautiful things that are unique to Australia or made locally: flora, fauna and culture. 

What is your dream project?

To do a large-scale 3D public art project featuring my birds I have photographed with an important conservation story/message. 

What is your favourite thing about where you live?

My local birdlife, especially the cheeky cockatoos that visit!

What tool / item couldn’t you do without?

My 105mm macro lens (of course attached to a camera body!!)


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