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Stylish Australiana works with over 20 different artists, designers and creatives to bring you a range of stylish, Australian designed and made gifts and souvenirs - hand made or designed with love right here in Australia.

Today, we start a series of regular spotlights on the dedicated and inspiring creatives we work with, to bring you more of their story and a behind-the-scenes look into what inspires them and what makes them tick.

One of our first artists, who has been amazingly supportive of Stylish Australiana from the very beginning, is Jules Lawson. Jules is not only a incredibly talented artist, she's a huge animal lover and dedicated environmentalist. 


All about Jules

Jules is an artist and animal lover with a nomadic spirit and an innate need for adventure, which has taken her to many corners of the globe to travel and work.

For now though, her bushland NSW home and the colour and noise of the Australian bush are keeping her at home – which is lucky for all her fans. “The bush is very near, the sea is very near and I have wildlife that visits my garden – it’s perfect” smiles Jules.

One day though, she’d like to experience an African safari. “My dream project is to go and draw the wildlife on an African safari. I’d need at least a month so I have time to relax into my art and improve.”

Jules has always been a very practical, hands on person and will never be found without a pencil. “My favourite materials are pencil, watercolour, and pen and wash – they’re super easy to travel with and use on the go” says Jules.  Her special favourite is watercolour, as the unpredictability and freedom “reflect my personality!”

Jules enjoys exploring with a sketchbook and pencil, and is never short of creative ideas. “I’m influenced by my surroundings and the situations I find myself in, and am especially drawn to the colour, noise and mischief of the Australian bush and its unique inhabitants”.

Jules is proud of her ability to capture animal’s expressions, and her series of cards and tea towels beautifully captures ‘conversations’ between some of our favourite Australian animals.

Some of the best feedback Jules has received is about the expressions on the faces of her animals -  reminding people of their own their own pets or furry and feathered visitors. “It’s so lovely to have my work come to life for someone in such a personal, realistic way” she says.  

Like many of us, finding time is one of Jule’s key challenges. “Being able to make time to actually do my art, and not leaving it at the bottom of the ‘to do’ list is a constant struggle” she says. However, she has found that “drawing and painting subjects from nature helps calm my monkey brains, allows me to live and appreciate the present moment and our natural world and its’ diverse and wonderful inhabitants”.

“Over time, I’ve learnt that its best if I meet my subject face to face. If I rush, and don’t have a connection with what I’m drawing, then it doesn’t usually lead to a piece of art I’m proud of. Instead, I’ve learnt to take the time, have my own reference materials, and invest in meeting and even chatting with my subjects!”

When asked what advise she would give to aspiring artists, or indeed her 18-year-old self, she replies “draw!”.  “Keep drawing, all the time. Draw what impacts you and what you love.”



You can see some of Jules work on a range of tea towels featuring adorable conversations between native Australian animals. See her work here.

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