April 30, 2020 2 min read

Rhiannon from Rhicreative is a third generation artist who grew up surrounded by paint and colour. Her boutique design label wasn’t planned, but evolved from a love of print and design and the popularity of her hand made cards and new baby gifts with friends and family. Rhicreative now produces a bright and beautiful range of stationery, giftware and homewares. You can view some of her beautiful greeting cards in our stationery collection.

Rhiannon from RhiCreative talks to Stylish Australiana

“I have had a love of all things creative since I was a young child, I did every single art and design subject available at school’.

Rhiannon talked her way into an apprenticeship in print design at her local screen-printers in country Victoria when she finished year 12. “It was a fantastic first job, as I got to work on a wide variety of ‘real’ projects, seeing everything from the design process right through to production.”

Outside of her screen-printing work, Rhiannon was also passionate about making bespoke cards and invitations for friends and family. “I love making cards and each year try to send all my friends and family a hand made Christmas card.”

After a stint designing for a winery with a sea-change to Adelaide, Rhiannon launched Rhicreative. “I had started making some canvas artworks for friends who had had babies and then people started to contact me to make some for them!” From here, Rhicreative really took off, securing a number of stockists and extending the Rhicreative range to include greeting cards, calendars, journals and affirmation cards. “I feel lucky every day to be doing something that I love for a job” says Rhiannon,

What technique or skill are you most proud of?

“The ability to design for what works for ‘print’ - this is important as otherwise you can create masterpieces but they are impossible to actually ‘print’ and just don’t work.”

What challenges you?

“Design software upgrades! As the years go on the design software is forever changing and keeping my tech and my skills up to date is increasingly important.”

What memorable comments have you had about your creations?

“I love when people connect with my designs as being happy.”

How has your art / creative practice changed over time?

I think it changes every year, depending on trends. As I get older I can apply all of the different things I’ve learnt over my career in developing aspects of design.

What does ‘Australiana’ mean to you?

Our beautiful florals and unique Australian animals.

What is your dream project?

“I would love to bring to life a bed linen range.”

What material do you love and why?

“Textured paper, paint and fabrics. I have always had a love for textured collage type pieces.”

What is your favourite thing about where you live?

“Adelaide is a very easy city to live in, with the luxury of the beach, wineries & hills very close by.”

What tool / item couldn’t you do without?

“My iphone, so many photos, inspo & notes saved on it! I hope I never lose it!”

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