Artist Profile - Sara of Sara's Minis

Sara is a miniaturist, jewellery designer and golden-wattle-lover based in Geelong, Victoria. An experienced painter specialising in miniatures, Sara has recently moved into designing and painting polymer clay jewellery.

“I can’t imagine my life without art. I started painting and crafting when I was a kid and I find that having a creative outlet is just so important. I love working with clay and painting, and am always learning new techniques, trialling new designs and improving my skills.”

Originally from Iran, Sara came to Australia to complete her PhD in materials engineering – and has now been settled here for more than three years. With a life-long love of painting and craft, and a passion for flowers – making floral earrings was a natural outlet for Sara’s love of Australian flora and natural creativity.

Sara from Sara's Minis makes gorgeous hand painted miniatures on polymer clay earrings

“While I love and am inspired by many painting styles, there is something about miniature water colour that is so delicate and attractive to me – its challenging and beautiful if you manage to get it right.”

Sara started painting in high school, taking courses in drawing and visual arts. “I developed a fascination with miniature painting, especially Persian miniatures and tazhib – a highly specialised form of Persian gilding, often with gold leaf, adorning books, architecture, carpets and much more.

“I worked professionally on tazhib for 10 years, and exhibited my work a couple of times in Iran. I became interested in making jewellery and applied my skills in miniature painting and tazhib to this new medium.”

Despite extensive painting experience, Sara had to start at the beginning learning to work with polymer clay, graduating “from the University of YouTube” and perfecting her work and trialling new designs and techniques until they meet her exacting standards. “My goal is to continually improve the quality of my work – both the beauty of the art work and the comfort of my designs.”

Feedback and comments from clients are a big motivator for Sara, “all my customers are very kind and supportive. When people receive their orders they are often surprised at just how light weight polymer clay jewellery is, and I just love hearing that customers find my earrings even more beautiful than expected.”


What does ‘Australiana’ mean to you?

Australiana remind me of the beautiful natural landscape and warm friendly people, as well as the amazing native wildlife. Australian flowers and birds are stunning, and I love incorporating them into my work. My favourite Australian plant is golden wattle. I'm so in love with its colour and positive vibes.”


What material do you love and why?

I love playing with polymer clay! I get a childlike delight from it. I also love the smell of wood and am in love with the wooden furniture.


What is your favourite thing about where you live?

I’m currently living in Geelong, which is a peaceful, friendly town. I previously lived in a busy crowded city and I am very pleased to enjoy the quietness here.


What tool / item couldn’t you do without?

My oven! I need it for curing my polymer clay earrings.


What piece of advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Hey! I’m proud of you! Trust your feelings and don’t let others stop you from your dreams.


You can find Sara's beautiful earrings here and here.


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