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Welcome, and thanks for joining us – its lovely to have you here.

Stylish Australiana is a place to find gifts and souvenirs made and/or designed by Australian creatives that you will be proud to give. We offer a range of carefully selected items by Australian artists, designers and craftspeople that celebrate Australia; our flora, fauna, culture and creative talent.


Like you, I’ve travelled near and far and have been lucky enough to indulge my wanderlust both here and overseas. Travel has enriched my life and expanded my heart  - but hasn’t done much for my retirement savings!

Back in Australia, with a young family but dear friends scattered across the globe, I have often struggled to find stylish ethically made gifts that are truly Australian – a gift that will be treasured and show my diaspora of loved ones a glimpse of why I choose to live here (and perhaps entice them to visit!)

There are a lot of beautiful hand made creative products out there, but finding an Australian gift for an overseas (or expat!) recipient is something else. It needs to be light weight. Easily posted. Not breakable. Small enough to slide into a suitcase. Locally made. Easy to wrap. Stylish.

Selecting a gift is highly personal, it causes us to pause and consider our relationship with the person we’re buying for. Gifts cement relationships, celebrate milestones, and summarise our unsaid thanks. A poorly chosen gift may not send the message you hope it will.

Don’t get me wrong, boxing kangaroo pens from high street souvenir stores are hilarious – but they don’t hit the right note for many people.

Increasingly, we as consumers are looking to use our discretionary spending to signal what’s important to us. I love the quote by Emma Watts, “as consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy”. Sustainability, ethical standards, and worker health and safety are many of the push factors guiding consumers to look locally and carefully consider what we buy.

Like you, I love gifting something beautiful and meaningful to people I care about, but I don’t want to be embarrassed by only being able to find a kitschy gift that is actually mass produced in an overseas factory under dubious safety standards. The best Australian souvenirs are Australian.

Stylish Australiana’s vision is to make it simple and pain free to find quality Australian gifts that are authentic, ethical and stylish. We support Australian creatives by buying stock up front and sharing it with new audiences at home and overseas, building their fan base and providing a risk-free sales platform.

Thanks for joining us, and showing that you too celebrate our creative sector and the power of a well considered gift.

Each month we’ll be showcasing new products, profiling the creatives we work with, and offering tips tricks and news. In the mean time, we’d love to hear what you think of your purchases. Please share your feedback and news - tag us on FB or Instragram (#stylishaustraliana), or email hello@stylishaustraliana.com.au

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