Seed necklace Australian gift arnhem land
delicate necklace hand threaded seed necklace Australian gift Aboriginal art
delicate matinee length hand threaded seed necklace by Aboriginal artists - ideal Australian souvenir
Buku Larrnggay Mulka

Hand threaded rattle pod and sickle pod seed necklace

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This beautifully delicate matinee length Girriŋgirriŋ (seed necklace) features gleaming deep red rattle pod seeds, highlighted with shiny caramel-coloured cylindrical sickle pod seeds in an elegant design that will compliment every style.

Rattle pod seeds (Crotalaria lanceolate) so named because as the seeds ripen they become loose in the pod and rattle when the pod is shaken, are tiny dark red oval seeds. Their deep red is complimented by the tiny brown sickle pod seeds (Senna obtusifolia) which grow wild in many parts of the world, where they are used for tea and in traditional Chinese medicine.

Each seed is polished and pierced with a needle before being hand threaded on durable nylon string for an elegant, long lasting gift. Necklaces measure approximately 65 cm long.

In Australia both rattle seed and sickle pod plants are considered pests, so gathering the seeds and removing them from the environment is a useful environmental preservation measure. They also make beautiful jewellery!

Made by a number of female Yolŋu artists working with Buku Larrnggay Mulka, the rattle seed pod necklaces are beautiful and elegant – and highly sought after. We only have very limited stock of these seasonal beauties.

About the Arts Centre

Buku Larrnggay Mulka Arts Centre is a community enterprise run by the Yolŋu People of Northeast Arnhem Land, where local artists and craftspeople produce art made from naturally found materials. Based in Yirrkala, local women produce jewellery using traditional techniques to source, dye, thread and weave locally found plants and seeds, often making use of a by-product of a plant harvested for another purpose, so that as much as possible of the plant is used.

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