Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to come of the questions we receive most often.

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Q: Are your gifts made in Australia?

A: Over 90% of our range are made in Australia – and these are all clearly labelled ‘Australian made’ as part of the product description. Less than 10% of our gifts are made ethically overseas – most of which are our menswear range. Our menswear supplier is working hard to find an Australian based manufacturer, and we hope to move to 100% Australian made gifts soon.

Tip: pop ‘Australian made’ into the search bar to ensure the gifts you see are made here.


Q: Why aren’t ALL your gifts made in Australia?

A: A small number of the creatives we work are worried that if they have their gorgeous ideas manufactured into gifts in Australia, the end product will prove far too expensive for people to want to buy.

Let’s prove them wrong!

Let’s show Aussie creatives that we know Aussie made is better quality and worth investing in.

Australia is blessed with some quality fabric and paper printers, so our stationery range is all made in Australia. Our entire jewellery is made in Australia too, often is small runs by small scale creatives.

In fact, less than 20 products out of our entire range of 250+ gifts are made outside of Australia – most of these are our menswear gifts, and we’re super pleased that our menswear supplier is working very hard to find a way to make these here in Australia.

Other products are trickier or impossibly expensive to make here – but we can change this by demonstrating strong demand for Australian made products.  So; keep asking! Let’s show all retailers big and small this is something that we value, and in time our manufacturers will get the volume of orders they need to be competitive and creatives won’t need to outsource overseas.


Q: Do you have all items in stock?

A: Yes, we absolutely have all these beautiful gifts in our hot little hands, ready to be shipped to you as soon as you place your order. You don’t have to wait for glue to set, or resin to cure, or a backlog of custom orders to be made. All items are held in our Darwin warehouse, and orders will be dispatched the same day if placed before lunchtime, or the next business day.


Q: Where do your gifts come from?

A: We work with Australian artists, designers and creative from every state and territory of Australia to bring you the best quality selection of stylish Australian gifts. Almost all designers make gifts themselves or have them made locally. Sometimes we find creatives and invite them to become part of the Stylish Australiana family. Sometimes creatives approach us seeking exposure to a broader audience.


Q: Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do. We use Australia Post to ship to a range of countries, including New Zealand, the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong. You can find more info on our shipping page here. Or of course, you can have items delivered to you to be combined with your own items and hand written messages before sending.


Q: Can you wrap my gift?

A: Yes, of course. Simply select the ‘gift wrap’ option on each product page. We use ecofriendly gift wrap from Melbourne company The Wrapping Paper Company, and your gift will be wrapped carefully in brown paper with a beautiful belly band of native Australian florals, with a small greeting card secured with natural twine. Please include a message for your recipient at check out – or you if miss this step just hit reply on your order confirmation and we’ll ensure your message is included.


Q: Do you drop ship?

A: No – we think drop shipping, where you place an order with us but we just handball the order to another company, goes against what we are trying to do: support Australian artists. We order and pay for all stock and hold it in our Darwin warehouse so its ready to go as soon as you process your order. No lengthy delays, multiple shipping fees, confusion, or some items arriving and others being lost. Everything you order will be carefully wrapped and packed and sent to you in a single box. Easy!


Q: How long will it take my gift to arrive?

A: This depends a bit on where you are. Stylish Australiana is based in Darwin in the Northern Territory. We are almost 4,000km from Sydney and Australia Post doesn’t count us as a ‘major metro centre’. This means that standard post goes by road, and its quite a long way.

We use Australia Post as we find them to be the most reliable, especially out of Darwin, and we love that they ensure your delivery is carbon neutral.

While the impacts of COVID-19 are thankfully receding for most of us, Australia Post is still being impacted. Their latest advice is that standard parcels should usually take 8 business days, however some items may take 11 business days or more.

If you’re in a hurry, we recommend upgrading to Express Post, which should reach you in 3-4 business days.

Hopefully soon, with more flights on the horizon, we can look forward to quicker deliveries again.


Q: So how exactly do you support Australian artists?

A: We love connecting Aussie creatives and their work with new audiences across Australia and around the world. We pay for all stock up front, at a fair price, providing a new risk-free retail channel for artists to sell their work and build their businesses. We don’t do drop shipping or consignment – which add risk and extra hassle to creative’s busy lives. Instead, we want Australian artists to focus on the making, while we help them with the selling.