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I started Stylish Australiana to support Australian creatives and make it simple and easy for you find a stylish, ethically made Australian gift. .

Like you, I love gifting something beautiful and meaningful to people I care about, but I don’t want to be embarrassed by only being able to find a kitschy gift that is actually mass produced in an overseas factory under dubious safety standards. We believe the best Australian gifts & souvenirs are Australian.

Founder of Stylish Australiana Andrea Schutenko

Our carefully curated selection of Australian designed and made gifts not only support local creatives (we order and pay for all stock up front, offering an additional, risk free sales platform for Australian creatives to reach new audiences) but are ethically made, high quality and stylish - so you can easily find a gift you’ll be proud to give. 

Stylish Australiana is based in Darwin, Northern Territory but works with artists, designers and craftspeople from across this wide brown land, so you can find a gift you love from your home state, or discover something new you might not find elsewhere.

You can read more about us, and why we're here on our welcome blog.

You can also read more about some of the creatives we work with in our blog, where we have regular 'artist profiles' - taking you behind the scenes with the inspirational Aussie creatives we work with.

Many of the artists, designers and creatives we work with are inspired by our amazing native flora and fauna. In celebration of this, $1 from every order is donated to BirdLife Australia  to support their vital bird and habitat conservation programs. 

Stylish Australiana donates $1 from every order to BirdLife Australia

We are new but growing quickly - and we would love to hear from you - any comments, feedback, suggestions for amazing creatives or requests for new product lines are more than welcome. Drop us a line at hello@stylishaustraliana.com.au or tag us on Insta #stylishaustraliana or Facebook @StylishAustraliana

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