Here at Stylish Australiana – sustainability is key.

Our mission is to help you find beautiful, unique, sustainable Australian gifts which support Australian artists and creatives, while celebrating Australiana and gift giving in an environmentally responsible way.

Here’s some of the ways we’re working to reduce our impact and help fight climate change:

Our gifts are local. Our gifts are made by Australian artists, craftspeople and designers. Almost all products are made right here in Australia (a very small number of the designers we work with choose to have their work ethically fabricated overseas). Local gifts means fewer gift miles and lower impact from the carbon emissions associated with international manufacturing, shipping and transport.  You can search for a gift from your home state simply by popping your state (e.g. VIC or SA) into the search bar.

Our gifts are quality. By gifting quality and buying consciously - supporting ethical local businesses -  you are reducing the impact of your purchase. Giving quality gifts means not only does your gift last longer (and make a better impression!) you’re also contributing less landfill and the environmental impacts of mass production. Win-win!

Our gifts are economically sustainable. By supporting Australian creatives with an additional risk-free income stream and exposure to new audiences, we are helping Australian artists and makers to make a living from their work and contributing to a vibrant creative sector in Australia. We strongly believe this is a good thing for all Australians.

Our gift wrap is local and environmentally sound. We use recyclable paper wrapping from The Wrapping Paper Company in Victoria. They are dedicated to keeping ethical manufacturing jobs in Australia, and use solar and green power, as well as carbon offsets in manufacturing. The Wrapping Paper Company source materials from accredited paper mills with international Chain of Custody certified paper products, and use Australian made water-based inks.

We use compostable mailers. Thanks to our friends at Hero Packaging, we send our parcels which don’t require a cardboard box in home-compostable mailers made from corn starch.

We use re-used and recycled packaging. You may notice that your parcel arrives in a marked, re-used box, or that the paper used to pack your gift safely for transport has obviously had a good life. Its not always the prettiest, but we aim to re-use packaging as much as possible before reaching for recycled boxes and packaging.

We ship your gifts with Australia Post because they are the most reliable, and every parcel delivered through Australian post is carbon neutral. AusPost is a signatory to the Federal Government's Greenhouse Challenge program, National Packaging Covenant and Buy Recycled Alliance.

We offer a carbon offset program through Carbon Click. We’ve partnered up with Carbon Click to support the fight against climate change. You can now make every purchase climate friendly at checkout simply by selecting the offset option. CarbonClick's offsets fund forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects around the world With Carbon Click you are reducing the carbon footprint of your purchase and making e-commerce more climate friendly.