Australian Christmas Beeswax Food Wrap Gift Set (Set of 3)

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Add a uniquely Australian touch to your Christmas with these beautiful eco-friendly beeswax food wraps that add a bit of Aussie fun and are eco-friendly too.

Using the beautiful fabrics of famed Australian designer Jocelyn Proust, whose fun quirky designs of native wildlife and florals have endeared her to millions, our beautiful Australian Christmas Beeswax food wraps are hand made with care in Ballarat, Victoria by Mind Your Own Beeswax Food Wraps.

Strong and subtle, and completely biodegradable and compostable, beeswax wraps are an easy - and pretty - way to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in your home. Wraps are made from cotton fabric and infused with a unique recipe of local Victorian beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin to ensure a supple yet malleable wrap that will last for 12 months with regular use.

Each Aussie Christmas gift pack includes three medium beeswax wraps (30 x 30m square) in three different Jocelyn Proust fabrics featuring festival native flora and fauna. This size is perfect for covering bowls of Christmas left-overs, wrapping cheeses or ham sandwiches for Boxing Day picnics. They’re also ideal for covering dinner plates and for school lunches.

• Dark green background with festive koalas, possums, wombats, bilbies, echidnas and kangaroos sporting Santa hats amongst gum blossoms and gum leaves.

• Santa hat wearing kangaroos on a eucalyptus green background amongst gum blossoms and gum leaves.

• Kangaroos, wombats, possums and echidnas, all in Santa hats dancing amongst gum leaves and blossoms on a light green background