Australian florals with honey Candle Tin

Hand poured with love in Sydney, Keiora candle tins are not only beautiful and smell divine, they are easy to travel with or send overseas, and can be easily re-used as trinket bowls or storage for precious items.

 The Australian florals with honey features a dense cluster of floral scents with a sweet rose and honey combination, a hint of cyclamen and star jasmine, and herbal orchid with a green finish. 

Reusable tins have been designed by award winning indigenous artist Zachary Bennett Brook who Zach describes this design as representative of rivers and flowing water ways.

The Artist

Zachary Bennett-Brook an award-winning contemporary Indigenous artist of Torres Strait Islander ancestry born and raised in Dharawal Country (Wollongong). Zachary produces art, commissions and creative collaborations through his Saltwater Dreamtime label. Water has always played a vital role in Zachary’s life; with the ocean ingrained in cultural heritage and a love of surfing, his art communicates his love for his surroundings. 

Benefits of soy candles

Soy candles are a natural biodegradable and renewable resource that lasts up to 50 per cent longer without the smoke and toxins of regular candles. Due to a lower melting temperature, soy candles burn much cooler than traditional candles, and are therefore safer, longer lasting, and offer a better fragrance.