Australian floral serving tray - Marri gum blossom

  • A work of art in themselves, these lightweight yet durable serving and display trays bring together the exquisite native Australian botanical art of Meryl Bell with the expert craftsmanship of Swedish master craftsmen from the beautiful island of Öland.

    This stunning Marri Gum design features the delicate blossoms and iconic gum leaves and nuts which are so well know across the world. A wide-spread bloodwood variety from south-western Australian, Marri gums are loved for their shade, honey coloured timber and sweet blossoms, and play a significant role in Noongar culture. The background is a two tone silver, and the natural hue of the birch wood appears on the reverse. Tray includes a shallow elevated rim.

    Perfect for serving drinks, graze platters or breakfast in bed, these beautiful trays are a gift to be treasured and handed down. Trays are hand-made using thin layers of sustainably forested birchwood and carefully printed with Meryl’s most popular paintings before a protective melamine coating is applied.

    • Circular tray measures 39cm in diameter and approximately 3mm thick

    • Weighs 440 grams and stands approximately 1.2cm tall.

    • Hand crafted using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified birch wood

    • Dishwasher and food safe