Banksia seed diffuser

Nature has designed the perfect all-natural diffuser: the seed pods of the native Australian Banksia tree.  Naturally porous, with a central hollow to contain your favourite essential oil, your banksia seed diffuser will slowly release aroma without the need for cords or wires.

Easily portable and effortlessly stylish, our banksia seed diffuser makes a beautiful and unique gift, showcasing the many uses of our lovely native flora. Each diffuser is completely unique, shaped to showcase the unique pattern of each seed pod.

Not only are they lovely to look at, but they're a much more subtle way to add some fragrance to the the home office, living area or bathroom, and make a beautiful and practical gift for any home.

Diffusers measure approximately 9cm in diameter, and come pre-filled with high-quality Australian eucalyptus essential oil. You can refill your diffuser with any essential oil you like - simply allow the eucalyptus to dissipate and refill with 1-2 ml of your favourite oil!


Each diffuser is tested to ensure it does not leak, and comes with a cork to cap the essential oil hollow to avoid spillages. However, as a naturally porous product please do protect any highly polished or painted surfaces.

About Banksia:

The Banksia Grandis is an iconic tree found throughout Australia. Their stunning yellow flowers are a favourite with may birds including the red wattlebird and red-capped parrot, and the seed filled cones pop open in the extreme heat of summer, providing a feast for black cockatoos and other native birds.

Diffusers are made from seed pods once seeds have been dispersed and the life cycle of the seed pod is finished. They are collected by hand and carefully cut and sanded to reveal each pod’s unique pattern. Diffusers are polished with shellac and finished with a vegetable based oil to showcase their natural colour. They are not treated with chemicals and as such will need to be declared as a wood product if sending overseas. 

Note on sustainability from our supplier:

Western Australian Forestry carefully regulates where seed pods can be collected from, and collection areas are rotated to ensure sustainable collection practices. Our suppliers are extremely respectful of our bushland and take only what can be used. Collectors work on foot so as not to disturb any other plants or wildlife, and only seed pods that have expelled their seeds are collected to ensure they have completed the lifecycle of the plant. The seed pods are carefully taken from the tree to ensure no damage is done to the tree itself and no noisy machinery is used in this process. Suppliers are committed to ensuring the Western Australian bush is undisturbed and that the Banksia trees continue to thrive in the Australian Bush.

Note for overseas customers

As diffusers are not treated with chemicals, they will need to be declared as a timber product if sending overseas. Please note that New Zealand customs do not allow banksia seed pods to be posted to New Zealand due to the lack of chemical treatment. 

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Banksia seed diffuser
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