Cockatoo - Art print

Loudly announcing his arrival, with plumage fluffed for his audience, this boisterous cockatoo is ready to brighten your walls and soak up your admiration. Close inspection is rewarded with a harmony of delicate detail and layers of colour. 

This A3 print comes on 250gsm sovereign silk cardstock, with a thick cardboard backing to keep it safe and sound tucked into a suitcase or postage satchel.

Tanya K is a Queensland artist and art teacher, with over 20 years experience and a legion of loyal fans. With an unstoppable passion for colour, pattern and texture, Tanya says she was always been drawn to animals with a lot of character (no shortage of them in Australia!) and has recently branched out into florals to explore the vast colour range of fascinating textures.

Tanya’s recent series of Australian flora and fauna is an appreciative nod to the beauty we’re surrounded by across this wide brown land. If you like a pop of colour and a cheeky Aussie bird or distinctive native flower on your wall, you’re in the right place. She also does commissions.

*colours may vary slightly from photographs viewed onscreen