Greeting card - Rosella

The jewel-like Eastern Rosella is as smart as she is beautiful. Perched here on a wreath of iconic native florals, she’s sure to brighten the lucky recipient's day. A celebrated Australian ambassador, Rosellas have been known to whistle tunes and even mimic words and phrases. You won’t have to hush this one though.

Blank inside for your personal message, this greeting card comes with a matching envelope, and measures 15 cm long by 11.5 cm tall (a touch taller than A6).

About the Artist:

Flossy-P was originally lured into a life of colour as a youngster by her obsession with Boy George’s rainbow eye-shadow. Since then she’s been trained at UNSW College of Fine Arts, has exhibited in Australia and the USA, has been included in many publications, and created countless personal commissions for clients. 

A while back she sea-changed from inner-Sydney to a bushy beach side town. This move changed a lot of things in her life including what she paints, now filling her pages with discoveries from her new homeWith a love of nature, she draws and paints native Australian plants and animals all from her home studio in Northern NSW (while her two children scamper around her).