Gum leaf and gum blossom bangle

Gorgeous native gum blossoms can now brighten your day year-round with this fun Australian made bangle encapsulating real gum blossoms by Queensland resin artist, Lisa MK.

Alternating bright red gum blossoms with gum leaves, housed safe in a lightweight clear resin, this bangle makes  an ideal gift for family overseas. Pair it with the matching gum blossom earrings to really make someone's day!

Bangle is round, measuring 7.5 cm in diameter (outside edge) and is 1.7 cm wide and 0.5 cm thick.

About the Artist

A Brisbane based artist, Lisa of Designs my Lisa MK is a life-long creative, taking inspiration from the beauty of nature, with a deep affinity to the ocean. Sand and ocean colours feature in many of Lisa’s works, as do native blooms and other natural treasures foraged in the bush.

Having explored a number of mediums, Lisa is now relishing the challenges of working with resin and making her own moulds to ensure she can create bespoke functional art in unique designs and palettes. She loves the beautiful smooth surfaces achievable with resin, and how resin reacts when introducing botanical elements such as sand, leaves and blossoms. Each piece in Lisa’s collection is unique, only released for sale if they meet her exacting standards.