Hand Painted Golden Wattle Earrings

If you love golden wattle, you’ll love these delicately crafted miniature paintings of everyone’s favourite yellow pom-pom flower.

Made in Geelong by Sara of Sara’s Minis, each handcrafted polymer clay earring is carefully shaped and then painted in exquisite miniature detail. You’ll be amazed by the intricate detail of these fine paintings!

Take some native floral art with you wherever you go! Earrings measure approximately 2.5 cm wide, 2.8 cm long and 3mm wide, hanging from a 2.5cm rose gold hoop to make a hanging length of 5 cm.

About the Artist

Sara is a miniaturist, jewellery designer and golden-wattle-lover based in Geelong, Victoria.

Originally from Iran, Sara came to Australia to complete her PhD in materials engineering. Having fallen in love with Australia and Australian flowers, Sara has found the ideal creative outlet.  

Sara is an experienced miniaturist, having exhibited her work in Iran, where she worked extensively, specialising in Persian miniatures and tazhib – a highly specialised form of Persian gilding, often with gold leaf, adorning books, architecture, carpets and much more. Sara has applied her extensive experience in tazhib to the new medium of polymer clay jewellery – and we love the results!

You can read Sara's Artist Profile here.