Kokey Koala and the Bush Olympics – Australian children’s story

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 Educational Australian children’s book - Find native Australian wildlife hidden on every page

  • This beautifully illustrated Australian children’s story of resilience and perseverance follows Kokey Koala as he pursues his dream of winning gold for Australia at the Olympics. Carefully researched and lovingly illustrated, Kokey participates in Olympic events around Australia, with each page introducing a new landscape and the native flora and fauna who live there.

    Read the story and enjoy completing the treasure hunt activity on each page, with over 400 species of native flora and fauna waiting to be found throughout the story. Don’t worry – there are clues on each page and a key in the back of the book to help you if some are hiding a little too well.

    A perfect way to introduce the concept of the Olympic Games to children during an Olympic year, Kokey Koala offers teachable moments about native wildlife and the importance of perseverance.

    Originally created to coincide with the Sydney Olympics in 2000, this 20th anniversary edition has been painstakingly re-created by Author Trixie Whitmore’s family to celebrate her memory and share Kokey Koala with a brand new generation of Australian children.