Native Australian floral hand bag

Versatile weekend bag in Australian fabric featuring native Australian birds and flowers

This stunning Australiana hand bag features a bouquet of beautiful native Australian flowers enjoyed by a laughing kookaburra and a bevvy of beautiful blue fairy wrens. Stunning waratahs take centre stage, supported by grevillea, gum blossom, blue gum and wattle flowers.

Lined in bright red, this gorgeous goldilocks bag – not too big, not too small – is a lovely curved shape with ample space for your essentials; from a weekend out and about, to a weekend getaway or a trip to the playground.

The valuables pocket means you won’t have to hunt for your keys or phone, and the adjustable strap gives you the flexibility of shoulder or cross-body wear.

An elegant curved shape, your hand bag measures 34cm across at the widest point, tapering to 28cm at the top, allowing for comfortable carrying while maximising space.

The adjustable strap with smart white stitching detail is fully adjustable, so your handbag can be worn hands free across your body, or shortened to sling over your shoulder.

Made in Australia

Strawberry Field Bags are designed and created by Kelly Chang, the daughter of two tailors. Every stitch is sewn with passion and incredible attention to detail.

  • Bag measures approximately 24cm tall and 7cm wide
  • Bag is a curved shape, 28cm at the top, tapering out to 33cm at the widest point
  • Interior valuables pocket makes it easy to find your phone and keys
  • Stunning red lining makes your beautiful hand bag extra special
  • Double dome closure, at top of interior opening and to secure the front fold, means your valuables are quite secure.
  • Adjustable strap for shoulder or cross-body versatility (139cm in length)
  • Fabric designed by Australian artist and fabric designer Vicki Larner
  • Artists earn a commission for each metre of fabric used.
  • Hand made in the Snowy Mountains, NSW


About the maker

Kelly Chang from Strawberry Fields works with Australian fabric designers to bring you a selection of practical, hard-wearing bags in gorgeous Australiana fabrics featuring native flora and fauna. All bags are hand made in the Snowy Mountains, NSW.

The daughter of two tailors, Kelly grew up observing her parents work in their busy Taipei business, however she didn’t formally learn to sew until she settled in Australia in 2004.

Soon Kelly’s love of native Australian flora and fauna, paired with her passion for botanical art and lessons her parent’s business, led her to design and develop a range of hand-bags.

Making bags with Australian designed fabrics is Kelly’s biggest joy and she also loves supporting fabric designers; so for every metre of fabric purchased, the artist earns a 15% commission. 

“They are the true heroes of Strawberry Field Bags!” Kelly says, “I’m just the craftswoman who turns their beautiful artwork into wearable products”. 

A mother of two, Kelly insists her bags are more than just beautiful; Strawberry Fields bags are practical and durable with plenty of storage. Made from eco-friendly materials and using minimum waste processes, Strawberry Fields bags can even be machine washed!

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