Native Australian timber stud earrings

Hand turned native timber earrings in Huon Pine, Red Gum or Hickory Wattle

  • Carefully crafted and beautifully finished, these smooth circular native timber studs are hand turned in the Yarra Valley from sustainably sourced native timber.

    Finished on a wooden lathe and smoothed and polished until they shine, these Australian wooden earrings showcase the beauty and diversity of Australian timber, and are available three delightful colour options:

    Huon Pine – a protected species from the ancient forests of Western Tasmania, Huon pine can only be sourced from dead fallen trees collected by licensed wood collectors. Over 100 years old and with a beautiful golden hue and subtle grain, these are earrings to be cherished.

    Red Gum – instantly recognisable and quintessentially Australian, these superbly finished and super-fine red gum timber stud earrings have a warm red colour and a fine grain pattern that rewards closer inspection.


    Hickory Wattle – with cool natural hues and a beautiful close grain pattern running the spectrum from light to dark brown, hickory wattle is loved by wood turners for its beautiful patterns, and makes a beautiful and distinctive earring.