Australian palm wood statement earrings

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Using the striking natural patterns of Carpentaria Palm wood, Darwin jeweller Eric Nunn has created a truly unique range of earrings, showcasing the beauty of this under-appreciated timber.

Carpentaria Palms are common in backyards across Northern Australia, their handsome foliage and quick growth is appreciated by gardeners, and the bright red fruit adored by fruit bats and Torres Strait Pigeons. Growing up to 20 metres tall, the timber – unlike most palm trees – does dry and harden, however very few woodworkers use this beautiful under-rated natural resource, and we believe that Eric is the only jeweller in Australia working with this unique material.

The two-tone pattern of the Carpentaria Palms wood varies considerably according to where on the trunk the wood is cut from, and the direction in which it is cut. Eric carefully cuts, dries and shapes the palm wood to bring out its hidden beauty, with the timber dictating the shape and size of each pair of earrings. Every single pair we have in stock is a different shape and style.

The light and dark pattern in warm neutral tones means these earrings are a versatile addition to your collection, complimenting a range of colours. Carefully cut and hand sanded to maximise the beauty of each piece of timber, these totally unique earrings are not only beautiful, they make use of an under-rated natural resource, usually left unappreciated in Darwin back yards!

Take a piece of the tropics with you wherever you go with these beautiful Carpentaria Palm wood earrings. 

  • Hand shaped and sanded, finished with sterling silver hooks for sensitive ears
  • Made from salvaged Carpentaria Palm (Carpentaria acuminata) wood grown in Darwin, NT.
  • No two pairs are the same – please select your preferred shape from the images above.
  • Made in Darwin by experienced jeweller Eric Nunn.
About the maker

Erin Nunn is a keen bushwalker and passionate Top-Ender with an interest in chemistry and a fascination with geology. A love of gems led Eric to join his local lapidary club to learn basic stone-cutting skills, but his inclination for cutting stones in non-standard shapes meant he had to teach himself silver smithing in order to make his own gem settings.

Based in Darwin NT, Eric is known for his truly unique jewellery, working with gems and precious stones from around the world, but specialising in pieces which ‘capture’ Northern Australia. Eric has recently added the unique Carpentaria palm wood to his repertoire, and is also available for special orders.

You can read Eric's Artist Profile here.

Fun Fact: Palm is neither a softwood nor a hardwood, it falls into the category of monocots, which also includes bamboo, grass, banana, rice and corn.

Care tip: Carefully wipe with a damn cloth. If dull, lightly wax with a waxing cloth or a tiny amount of beeswax.