Red and Black matinee length seed necklace

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Hand made by the women of Yirrkala, North East Arnhem Land, these beautiful red and black seed necklaces showcase the seeds of the tropical red bean tree  (Adenanthera pavonina) with a seasonal variety of native tree seeds. Each is threaded in simple patterns to compliment any outfit, and secured with nylon thread for durability. Each necklace is unique, and reflects the place and season in which it was made - making a beautiful yet subtle statement of support for Yolŋu artists.

Necklaces are matinee length, each measuring approximately 54 - 68cm long, with the variety in colour and pattern that can be expected from a handmade product made from seasonably available natural items.

The red bean tree provides welcome shade, hard timber for use in boat building and furniture making, and in China is a symbol of love (相思豆).

About the Arts Centre

Buku Larrnggay Mulka Arts Centre is a community enterprise run by the Yolŋu People of Northeast Arnhem Land, where local artists and craftspeople produce art made from naturally found materials. Based in Yirrkala, local women produce jewelry using traditional techniques to source, dye, thread and weave locally found plants and seeds, often making use of a by-product of a plant harvested for another purpose, so that as much as possible of the plant is used.


Please note that while the Red Bean Tree has many medicinal uses, the seeds can be toxic. Please do not allow small children to suck or chew on the necklace