Sturt Desert Pea Floral Scarf

  • Australian native floral souvenir scarf
    The iconic Sturt’s desert pea, much-loved symbol of Australia’s red centre, adorns this superb floral scarf. A stylish gift for flower lovers and the fashion forward, it is the perfect accessory for the cooler months, adding a unique touch of colour to any outfit.

    A stunning deep Australian-sky-blue embellishes the centre of the scarf, fading to a lighter blue and bookended with bright red Sturt Desert Pea flowers and bold green foliage before tapering to a white edge for maximum impact.

    A spectacular scarf that evokes the Red Centre and the unequalled beauty of Australia’s native flora, it is proudly designed and made in Western Australia, featuring a detailed digital print of WA artist Shelley Barton’s original artwork.

    Made in Australia 🇦🇺

    Chiffon scarf measures approximately 45cm by 145cm.