Waldo Wombat Bamboo Plate

This beautifully charming bamboo wombat plate could be your new dinner-time best friend. Crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo, Waldo brings fun and interaction to meal times, reducing parental stress and encouraging positive relationships with food. Cute, fun, lightweight and durable, Waldo makes an ideal gift for the small Aussie in your life.


These natural bamboo plates cannot be put in the dishwasher or microwave. Simply wash with slightly soapy cold water towel dry before placing vertically on a dish rack to air dry.

Since bamboo is a natural fibre, and loses moisture over time, a bit of TLC every 2-3 weeks will ensure its longevity. Simply rub a small amount of liquid coconut oil all over the plate and leave to absorb for a few hours, or overnight. Then simply rinse and use!

About Emondo kids

Sharon Hunter, the Founder and designer behind Emondo Kids’ adorable range of children’s dinnerware creates her unique designs at her Sunshine Coast studio.

Inspired by her own dinnertime battles to find a practical solution to reduce the stress and add some fun to mealtimes, Sharon’s designs provide a fun foundation for developing positive relationships with food for your young family, Sharon’s designs are popular at dinner tables across Australian and beyond.

Each plate is ethically made to the highest standards, using 100% sustainable Moso bamboo and manufactured to stringent AU, NZ and FDA standards and testing. As a natural, sustainable and fast growing resource, bamboo makes an ideal lightweight, easy to clean and chemical free alternative for children’s meals.