Who is laughing? - Children's story book

Who is laughing?

A beautifully illustrated tale of Bluey the Kookaburra and all the other native Australian animals who hear him laugh. Carefully illustrated with bright engaging colours and sneaky educational details, Bluey meets a tawny frogmouth family, Lorrie the Rainbow Lorikeet, gangs of cockatoos, Dad and baby Cassowary (from Cassy’s Tale) curlews and a bush turkey – laughing at them all.

Made in Australia and beautifully illustrated with lots of educational detail about our beautiful native birds – this brightly illustrated story is a perfect gift for the young Aussies in your life.

About the author

Eva is a mother of four, based in Mission Beach, Queensland. Originally from Germany, Eva has fallen in love with our native Australian flora and fauna – illustrating a series of books celebrating our favourite birds and animals. Eva writes and illustrates the books herself, carefully including educational details in her bright engaging illustrations. Books are printed in Australia.

You can read Eva's Artist Profile here.